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Monty Preston
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Associate Curator at Saatchi Art
LFC-T19 image


Paintings55.1 W x 43.3 H x 1.2 in

Criticized Colors image

Criticized Colors

Paintings39 W x 50 H x 1.2 in

Prints from $84

After A Star War image

After A Star War

Paintings36 W x 48 H x 1.5 in

Minami Kobayashi

United States

Untitled image


Paintings19.7 W x 25.6 H x 0 in

Prints from $43

Iron and Titanium I image

Iron and Titanium I

Paintings11.8 W x 16.5 H x 0.8 in

Reflection image


Paintings30 W x 24 H x 2 in

Kari Friestad

United States

The barricade (I'm still far from being what I want to be) image

Melinda Matyas

United Kingdom

Flowered in the Carpathians image

Flowered in the Carpathians

Paintings27.6 W x 25.6 H x 0.8 in

Prints from $40

Being in Colour image

Being in Colour

Paintings31.5 W x 39.4 H x 1.6 in

Helen Butler

United Kingdom

Postcard From Cotton image

Postcard From Cotton

Paintings48 W x 60 H x 1.5 in

Matthew Dibble

United States

T129 image


Paintings27.6 W x 35.4 H x 1.2 in

Blush image


Paintings31.5 W x 31.5 H x 1.6 in

Evelyn Hamilton


Prints from $40

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