3 Star Monarch Collage by Margery Pearl Gurnett

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Art Description

Collage: Resin, Paper, Glass on Glass.

Dreams, music and personal experiences are the inspirations of my images. The work is both abstract and narrative. The work links together the seductiveness of glass, and the interplay of color, with form, light, transparency, depth and texture.
I believe that art is a timeless and amazing language. It speaks to the viewer, and then the viewer responds by evoking memories, emotions, and understanding. The act of creating art is like cooking. As chefs combine ingredients that on their own have a specific taste or a degree of sweet, hot, sour or salty, when combined they become new and extraordinary. My work combines elements that can stand on their own but when blended together they take on a new meaning specific to each person viewing the work. My constructions are about layers. Each layer telling a different story, like a different ingredient. My goal is to have each viewer bring their own unique taste buds and life experiences, while evoking their personal emotion in response to the work.This new work encompasses all the disciplines of visual art that I have worked in independently over the past few years, and it has culminated into these new pieces. These 3-D, mixed media pieces consist of colored and clear sheet glass, paint, paper, photographs, cast glass, glue, encaustics, fused glass, silkscreening onto glass, fused fired decals, gold leaf, sandblasted glass and found objects. Each piece is custom framed and one-of-a-kind.



3 Star Monarch

Margery Pearl Gurnett

United States


Size: 12 W x 14 H x 1.5 in

This artwork is not for sale.