Abstract Shape, Perforated steel on wood Collage by Antonio Saporito Abstract Painter

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Art Description

Collage: Metal, Mosaic, Wood on Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood.

Abstract Shape
Perforated steel on wood
40 x 30
Archive n. 48
"A fragment of description of my work in the geometric art.
Architecture, a space dedicated to contemporary sculpture. Steel Color Forms, I try to create in the interaction between different reflexive forms, a kind of tension and mutual comparison. It seems clear the function of a real concept laboratory, inventive, experimental, aimed to build with the audience a deep involvement and global.
Steel sculptures, shapes and color that are the space, almost unique in its ecclesial dimension. They found a new identity depending on where they are placed and how the light and reflection of who is mirrored in changes.
Precise cuts, shiny surfaces made of a container-contained expressive languages, empty and full, everything is research as a way of acting and thinking, as a strong visionary instancego together with an equally creative skill, a project that will mark my future in geometric abstract art world on spatialism. "
Antonio Saporito


Abstract Shape, Perforated steel on wood

Antonio Saporito Abstract Painter



Size: 15.7 W x 11.8 H x 1.6 in

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