Always, Always Run.

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Size: 52.5 H x 43.5 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Collage: Paper, Paint, Oil, Enamel and Spray Paint on Canvas, Paper and Other.

this artwork will be shipped unstretched and rolled in a tube for efficient delivery.

Cody Bayne is an Artist based in Los Angeles. He coined the term NEO-URBAN EXPRESSIONISM in reference to his work & considers himself in more broad strokes as a NEW INFORMALIST. The work explores the ubiquitous beauty of decay & renewal of the discarded and torn via a diverse range of sources and influences. He “mines’ his environment and reconfigures the information with the intent for combined context of social implications & visual harmony. The work is intended to create a connection to the beauty of the decayed & discarded, the new & reborn. He’s interested in urban decay, urban renewal, gentrification & the commercialism that is a part of everyday experience living in Los Angeles.

"Rawness & incompleteness speaks to current conditions of the regions that I tend to inhabit & explore. Thus, it is as much a reflection of my inner self, as much as it is a comment of my personal external experience. Though I do not approach the work through a filter of Social Commentary, I do draw upon the visual references that inhabit an environment that reflects upon itself and allow the work to reveal deeper meaning. My work roots deeply in the present contemporary sphere whilst simultaneously connecting to references from a wide range of sources, such as Nouveau Realism, 20th C. Modernism & Historical Mythologies “

"I like the Space between. The Void. The Nowhere. The Everywhere."

“ I’m interested in a conversation. I appreciate the dialogues instigated by the ambiguity surrounding the work. It is familiar yet foreign, abstract yet politicized, all depending on the viewers’ personal experiences and relationship to the information. I like suggestion and possibility more than specifics. It is visceral, as well as, simply visual.”

“Quite simply, I find the dissonance of urban decay and urban renewal butted directly against one another beautiful.”

Keywords: Paint, Street Art, Urban Art, New Informalism, Cody Bayne, NEO-Urban Expressionism, Abstraction

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Documentary, Expressionism, Street Art

Mediums: Paper, Paint, Oil, Enamel, Spray Paint

Materials: Canvas, Paper, Other

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Artist Recognition

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