Give The Day Collage by David Felix

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Art Description

Collage: Paper, Wax, Fabric, Paint, Household on Wood, Cardboard, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

This is a regular rectangle on a wooden panel, the whole sealed with an encaustic wax overlay.

Some areas are abraded and unpainted, leaving the wooden surface exposed and on which are placed layered and tinted handmade papers, oil cloth and gesso on cardboard.

Two shapes are edged with a rim of pigment to delineate them further.
The thin, linear 'legs' of the table are scratched through the wooden support with a sharp pointed tool.

And there’s a long-standing tradition between the act of writing and the making of visual art. In many different languages the verb ‘to write’ is descended from words for incising, marking, carving and painting.

Another collage painting from the series *At the Table*, works incorporating text and tables .

The table is a universal object, one with which we are all familiar, and one around which we all gather on a daily basis.
The table is one of the major contexts where we meet each other, to exchange and share, as colleagues, family, friends and lovers. It’s the arena where talk and food and play takes place.
It’s a platform for celebration.

Two words in Danish, 'giv dagen' are spread across a table, providing an instruction, a reminder, 'Give The Day,' suggesting that time be allocated and set aside with a focus on a particular activity, that the day be given fully to pursuits such as walking, music, food preparation, quietness.

The letterform / objects are set out with a rippling energy of movement, reflecting the many different actions and activities around which tables form the centre.

For me, the ochre coloring provides a homely warmth, one found in the naturalness of wooden surfaces, counterbalanced here by the crispness of ivory, white and off-white tints.

Shapes oscillate between object and letterform.
There are patterns, repetition, and we can hopefully follow the flow of the semicircular, the triangular, the rectangular.

The flow of shapes includes containers of various kinds, cups and bowls, with a serviette.

What lies flat upon the table here and what is standing? What is balanced over the edge and what hangs down from it?
How do we perceive the orientation of the table? Are we seeing it from above?

Regular rectangular structure

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Give The Day

David Felix



Size: 31.5 W x 24 H x 2 in

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