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Collage: Fabric, Paint and plaster on Wood.

The five most important religions in the world, including their sects and subgroups, are found in the Orient and in the West, some with various gods, some without any, some with only one. Some are cultural traditions, and others are beliefs or simple doctrines.

Unfortunately, some are converting into dangerous religious ideologies which in some way begin to form part of economic and socio-political life.

Hinduism centers around one or more gods associated with mythology. Buddhism is an integral philosophy without God and has influenced humanity for over 2,500 years.

Judaism, the most ancient religion, is the cradle of Christianity and even Islam. Its God defines the chosen people, whilst Christianity relies on one only God.

Some sectors of Islam show hostility towards the Western world and its beliefs.

I think that to try and convert religion from culture and tradition into political and social ideology is an error. Such totalitarian ideologies only take us to hostile and dictatorial policies.
Artists foresee, feel and narrate the miseries suffered by societies in crisis. This way art is authentic and independent, and history would not be what it is without it.
I am art and my life is an extension of my work.

Keywords: religion, world, churches, cultures, war.

Subjects: World Culture

Styles: Abstract Expressionism

Mediums: Fabric, Paint, plaster

Artist Recognition

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