Klee Angel England - A Thinking Angel Collage by marcus clarke

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Art Description

Collage: Plastic, Fabric, Metal, Paint, Glass on Cardboard, Glass, Plastic, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Steel.

I am a Fine Artist and this is a work of Art but I appreciate its probably not like any other work of Art you have seen here or elsewhere.
It's made using my own New Art Enshrinement method. Just a title for my Assemblage process. This way of making Art has become my Art Practice. This is the way I make my Art, unique to me as an Artist. Fundamentally on an emotional, creative level it’s about making physical Treasure from belief, love and enshrining that, capturing and keeping it. Thats what I think I'm doing. As I take on different genres I give them the genre name, Seaside, for example with ‘The Treasure of’ before the title becomes, The Treasure of the Seaside. I hope you like them as I do. Love them. I think they're beautiful. Magical. You can hang my Art works in your House or Gallery, in the Bathroom or Poolside. If you drop the artwork it may need re-vacuum sealing.This one is also a little magnetic.
This Artwork is new of Nov 2018, it's one in a new Series of Artworks called Angels and Fairies; this is Klee Angel England - Thinking Angel. These Series of artworks are Collages,Assemblages, Montages and all different and individual. I include in this one a bought Klee Plastic Angel Doll and items of Vintage Jewellery, objects people have invested an emotion or belief in. A Love often. I create in a style that replicates the tone of a Medieval Reliquary. The adding of other Jewels and Gems and Faux Fur enhances this mood. I of course Vacuum Seal the entire Collage/Montage together to create the modern New Art Shrine and hopefully preserve it all together, forever. A moment, captured. A Story forever. This is an artful and enjoyable object that I hope the buyer enjoys as I have, keeping it or giving it as a present. I supply the hanging clip and it can be hung as is in a Bathroom or Poolside. It’s Waterproof. Dimensions are of the Vacuum Seal Bag and the artwork inside is 5.5" x 7.5" but I include the Vacuum Pouch as being part of the artwork, its frame and glazing too. Hence the overall Dimensions given are greater. Thank you, Marcus

Klee Angel England - A Thinking Angel

marcus clarke

United Kingdom


Size: 8 W x 11 H x 0.8 in

This artwork is not for sale.