La chemin du Rosaire,nr 2. Collage by nikolai hogenhaug

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Art Description

Collage: Photo, Color, Digital on Paper.

As source material for my photocollages i mostly use pictures of plants and flowers taken
in the forests encircling oslo, and in the provencal hillsides plunging into the mediterranean
around Menton.
Technically,the process lies close to using a scissor,cutting up a photograph.
and attaching it to another...ignoring certain aspects of the pictures,while emphasising-
others,such as line,colour and texture-enchancing possibilities for experiencing spacial
sensations through colour perspective and spatiality perceived through air perspective.
Playing on the onlookers automatic search for coherence between the recognisable elements
in the collage,and the ones who only illustrate themselves,such as abstract fields of colour
-resting close to the colours of any recognisable object(flowers,plants) in the collage-
until a new picture arrives,or not,getting caught in the middle,suggesting various
possibilities of spacial distribution,colour scale,depth and intensity.

Using photoshop for slicing up the pictures means i have the possibility to save every
stage of any picture, letting each series swell,knowing that at some point i will find the
element that will set the others in perspective.

spending hour upon hour editing and cutting up the pictures via the computer stands
in some contrast to how i gather most of the the raw material:Walking around in the
forest,scanning the vegetation for pictorial possibilities.
Letting the calm of the forest flow,letting anything that
happens,happen.Not this,not that,but both,and so on.
I don`t mind beauty,and when in Provence,i usually photograph flowers.They present endless
possibilities for technical experimentation with their colours,texture and thin petals which are
very susceptible to brutal flash treatment-twisting the colours,using them as i want
to entertain myself ,seeing where i can take them.



La chemin du Rosaire,nr 2.

nikolai hogenhaug



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