Pieces of wall no.2 Collage by Tamara Mitrovic

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Art Description

Collage: Paint, Oil, Hair on Canvas.

My paintings and art work are dedicated to one unique subject matter – to fading away and vanishing of one village, more precisely homes in it. It all comes down to dying as one continuous process of declining and disappearing. By adding meaning, walls present a moment in time; they remind us of material side of life with what they already point at the mortality of this new life.

We ask ourselves if these paintings are a testimony to past times or are they a reflection of inner sense of narrowness of the author itself. The interpretation of the art is not all about the author and what he wanted to say but it is also about the observer and about that how much he wanted to omit to the art piece in question and how he let it affect him.




Pieces of wall no.2

Tamara Mitrovic



Size: 3.9 W x 3.9 H x 0.6 in

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