Saint Mighty Prophet Elijah Collage by Nicu Cociorva

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Art Description

Collage: Paint, 3D Sculpting, Algorithmic Art, Full spectrum on Ceramic, Iron, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other, Wood.

Saint Mighty Prophet Elijah
(~ 800 BC), celebrated on the 20th July
Books with explanations:
On a scorching sun, on a terrible drought, a hermit lives in prayer. His body and soul are taken by God, proclaiming the descent of the Holy Spirit and foreshadowing God’s Ascension - by a carriage in flames; then, thundering and flashing, the rain comes; the Rainbow of the Faith is showing and nature flourishes. As Guardian of Heaven, he is considered Protector of the Romanian Air Force.
Reason for Conception:
The Saints belong, exclusively and by definition, to the religious world, thus becoming authentic symbols of the Christian spirituality. Although they transform graphically and visually the essence of the Divinity, icons carry in themselves the aura of a long ago scrutinized, never penetrated symbolism. Therefore, the icon becomes an allegory of ancestral symbols, millenary kept in the mysteries of Divinity. Traditional - Byzantine and Christian Orthodox – the simbolistic power is shown through a great material wealth, both in content and form: the clothes are of "kings"; materials like gold, silver, precious stones abound; the colors are bright - the touch of brilliance and splendor points to Divinity.
But here, the materials are simple / basic: wood, clay, metal, stone, etc., and the effect of colors is given, in its majority, by the wealth and beauty of the popular Romanian motifs.
Their presence is alleged in the religious rituals and the sacred - the Church for example, but in a warm home, in a thematic exhibition or even in a (pre)school manual with educational values, their ethereal presence christianizes the secular and profane through universal symbolics.


Saint Mighty Prophet Elijah

Nicu Cociorva



Size: 50 W x 70 H x 4 in

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