White riders and strange objects. Collage by Kestutis Bunevicius

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Art Description

Collage: Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Found Objects on Cardboard.

I used pressed cardboard, oil paint, acrylic paint, found objects to create this artwork. There are whole army of white riders. As you can see those objects are spreading their influence around them (same color splashes). It can be influence of ideas, way of life, etc. People always tried to protect their life style from strangers. It was like that hundreds of years ago and we have the same situation today. Nihil novi sub sole. That Latin phrase means Nothing new under sun). Personally I think that everybody should live in peace, but history shows that it is only a dream, a wish.



White riders and strange objects.

Kestutis Bunevicius



Size: 39.5 W x 24 H x 1.9 in

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