ninfas modernas del sur Collage by Camila Mancilla

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Art Description

Collage: Paper, Manipulated, Digital, 3D Sculpting, Screenprinting on Paper, Other, Cardboard, Canvas, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

"Everything is a Collage" (J.J. Pallasma). From this premise, these works propose to explore the vernacular architecture and everything that has the character of originating, seeking to visualize the spirit of the places, as well as the atmosphere created from photographs that give an account of a way of life and of their collective imaginary, which may be very own or very foreign, depending on the way we conceive the reality of the place, and whose elements are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but that serve to give an identity meaning to each place, almost as a postal.
The vernacular architecture in Chile is composed mainly of wood and adobe. These constructions of simple volumes are composed of geometric shapes: triangles, diamonds, trapezoids and circles, which have a strong symbolic and religious significance. The power of these geometric shapes can be found in memory embodied in wood and in the symbolism of traditional ornaments, for example, those that become the basis of these collages: ideograms that absorb mysterious, controversial and complex cultural peculiarities of the different areas represented, which are opposed to universal icons such as Frida Kahlo, David Bowie and Michael Jackson, those who seek to seduce and attract our attention to what sometimes seems to go unnoticed and that this great material collage called the world is part of, gives rise to these various series.
This series contemplates the use of two techniques: analog and digital collage. In the digital world the works have been elaborated from a sketch, that like a painting, is materialized, in this case, through textures and images taken by the artist, others found on the internet or resulting from models rendered in 4D cinema, all of which has been linked and finally retouched in Photoshop C6. In the analogue, on the contrary, we put ourselves at random, where there is nothing predisposed, but the resources used were found in fairs of antiquities, Persians, bookstores, magazine stores, etc., which have been united to compose the following series


ninfas modernas del sur

Camila Mancilla


Size: 13.3 W x 15.7 H x 1 in

This artwork is not for sale.