#351 "Little Faces" Drawing by Manon Miserany

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal, Chalk, Paint on Paper.

ÖMiserany produces a series of "little faces". These rigorous drawings executed quickly capture vivid impressions left on her by the people she meets. These emotions provide her with a small glimpse of the persons feelings. More than a portrait, these sketches become testominials of encounters with strangers, for whom existing is enough to arouse in ÖMiserany curiosity and interest that remains with her and her subject.

In March 2014, she launched a group challenge on Facebook. The Challenge: a drawing a day for 30 days allowed her to begin a new approach, that of creating imaginary faces, with a vibrant touch that is not necessarily focused on beauty. Technically, she achieves this effect by holding a pencil in an unstable manner. She gently draws a swirl that gives birth to eyes, then a nose and then a mouth. An expression eventually appears, the "Little Face" is born! ÖMiserany furthers the stylization by placing the portait within a timeless setting, and the face is then refined so that the lovely little character is begging to be adopted. The "Little Faces" are also found in the form of delicately colored canvases.



#351 "Little Faces"

Manon Miserany



Size: 12 W x 13 H x 0.1 in

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