Airplane (Air France) Drawing by Marvin Ballack

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Art Description

Drawing: Pencil, Paper, Graphite on Glass, Paper.

This is a hand free Pencil Drawing of an Air France Airplane, done on quality art paper and it is 2ft × 3ft in dimensions! It was properly sprayed for preservation and then framed and covered with glass. It has hanging hardware included so that it can be displayed to complement any environment desired.
This Drawing was done by myself at age 15, as I always loved art and took art lessons at a very young age. As I grew older I loved drawing aircrafts and did some upon request for people who was interested in my work! I also would draw many other things but I can definitely say doing aircrafts was my favorite! When I turned 15 years of age, I decided to draw my biggest airplane drawing yet. I saw a picture of this Air France Airplane and it just caught my eye as a challenge and as something I would love to do! So I set to work and got the paper and all the different pencils I needed etc, and started right away, as I was out of school for the summer. Within one full week I was finished after working day and night on it! I felt so accomplished and satisfied with the result! Then the very next week I got about visiting all the various options I had for framing it, and even though I had to pay to frame it for myself with my own money saved up, I made sure I got it framed properly to complement my masterpiece! I was so happy when it was all finished! I kept it for some time but then I thought about selling it as I knew an artist who often sold his work and advised me to try to sell it. Little did I know how hard it would be to sell an Air France Airplane in my country that had little interest in France let alone their Airline. So after putting it into countless numbers of art galleries and events I could find, I realized I was stuck with my drawing unless I could find someone interested ìn Air France enough to buy it. I had alot of people amazed at the drawing and loved it, just not enough to buy it. I felt like giving up but then recently I was looking around online and saw that it could be possible to sell it online, so this is what brings me here to see if I can find someone interested in my work to buy it. If I am able to do this I will definitely be encouraged to do alot more artwork and post it online to sell. Unfortunately my country is not much into this form of art such as drawings and paintings, so if this can be a successful method to sell my work and get it seen, I would love to do more work and upload frequently!
Thank you for viewing this art piece of mine, I hope my testimony of it was interesting to you and I hope you can be interested in the drawing itself! If you would like to know anything further concerning this drawing, feel free to email me at Thanks for your time in viewing this drawing! Hope you have a blessed day!



Airplane (Air France)

Marvin Ballack

Trinidad and Tobago


Size: 36 W x 24 H x 0.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.