Drawing Room XXIII Drawing by Astrid de Pauw

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Monotype, Paper, Pencil, Ballpoint Pen on Paper.

Drawing: Ink, Pencil, Paper, Monotype and print on Paper.

In my recent work, characters in my drawings have disappeared. Space is shown, interior space often taking shape in all possible ways. You can recognize walls, panels, floors, windows, doorways. The interior spaces are made up of fragments that are in a kind of equilibrium with respect to each other, even though this balance is sometimes in conflict with the laws of gravity.
The spaces are set in tones of dark blue. They are often built up in collage form. It remains emphatically two-dimensional, it does not pursue any sculptural effects. I continue to construct and deconstruct on the flat surface.

In these drawings there is also an 'outside', but only recognizable by shadows that throw tree leaves on the window. The street noise does not penetrate. These spatial ‘Drawing rooms’ have a common with my other works in which I portray people: a deceptive calmness, or maybe even a threatening calm, but still a rest that makes the eye wander over surfaces in muted colors, through dim spaces of anonymous users who have not yet left a trace of life in the rooms.

(Text is spirit of Hugo Bongers, who interviewed me in 2018)

This work is framed, no glass. The drawing is made by multiple layers of ink on rice paper and collage form. The paper is thin and transparant.



Drawing Room XXIII

Astrid de Pauw



Size: 15.7 W x 23.6 H x 0.8 in

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