Dust Up

United States

Size: 34 H x 51 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Graphite, Ink, Black & White and Charcoal on Paper.

My process begins with expressive strokes of graphite which serve to fill out the structure as well as expose the spirit of the subject. Once I’ve laid down the supportive elements, I move on to more dominant mediums; charcoal, pen, pastel, ink, etc. Erasing is forgone to show the work and process of the piece.

My favorite pieces of any artist is the sketch before the final work. Through the sketch, the viewer is able to recognize the means and thoughts by which an artist reaches a conclusion. Sincerity is as important a medium as any other in art, and, so, by keeping my thoughts, mistakes, and transitions in clear view, I offer my viewer insight into the development of the final work.

This piece is part of a collection contained in a sketchbook and, as such, the paper is not of the quality to put the original up for sale.

There is a reason we measure our engines by horsepower, though the whole idea is antiquated and unreasonable with present day technology.. Horses are intrinsically graceful in the speed and power they are capable of unleashing.. This image is the exemplification of that concept.

Few things are more beautiful than the vision of a horse running in its freedom. I hope that this piece reminds you of the power and freedom found in all of our nature.

Keywords: Race, Ranch, West, Black And White , Country, Dust, Equestrian, Expressive, Farm, Modern Farmhouse, Horse, Mare

Subjects: Horse

Styles: Expressionism, Figurative, Illustration, Realism

Mediums: Graphite, Ink, Black & White, Charcoal

Materials: Paper

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