Feathered dinosaurs walked through ginkgo forests

United States

Size: 16 H x 12 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Acrylic and Stencil on Paper.

“It’s important that people understand dinosaurs are still among us,” says Mark Norell, chair of paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. “They’re represented by at least 13,000 species alive today.”

The birds of today are descended from feathered dinosaurs. Ginkgo trees are also prehistoric.

Contemporary influences are seen in the street dabber black in splatters, the rubber stamping, and the stencils.

This Zen Chicken celebrates the prehistoric plumaged fauna of his predecessors and the flora through which they hunted.

Original Drawing in the collection of H. Rinaldi

Keywords: Rooster, Rubber Stamps, Splatter, Vermilion, Zen, Chicken, Calligraphic, Feathers, Leaf

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Street Art, Surrealism, Illustration, Fine Art

Mediums: Ink, Acrylic, Stencil

Materials: Paper

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