History of the Geological Exploration Expedition 67/67 Drawing by Valery Korchagin

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History of the Geological Exploration Expedition 67/67

Valery Korchagin



Size: 8.5 W x 10.8 H x 0.8 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Digital, Leather on Other.

«History of the Geological Exploration Expedition 67/67» is a peculiar mix of the adventure gerne, a comic book and a psychedelic trip, written in the form language of a geological report. With the seeming logic of the plot, abound of details and terms from the “technical documentation”, some “facts” and “evidences”, the whole text is a caravan of absurd staffage episodes, out of which a thin cloth of mystification is made. The number series in the book undergoes structural encoding and shows an obtrusive pseudo-reality of number 67, which appears everywhere in the way of simple calculations in any place with numbers. After opening the notional locks one can find a blinking light of influence of Gilbert Durand’s mythology in the text. By getting closer to the terminal condition all traject-heroes drown in their own imaginary and stand against time, which is the equivalent of death and its nocturnic agent – trickster Siumkev.