It took me by surprise. Drawing by Renee DeCarlo

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Spray Paint, Screenprinting, Paper, printmaking on Paper, Other.

My work is what I consider to be a form of life drawing - I record life around me in very precise moments of time. I draw and record the bumps in the road, the turbulence in the airplane, and the chaotic patterns that people move in. By letting the pen follow my eye, or trace the movement of my body in space, I am recording my experiences, which, to the unknowing eye, resemble a messy scribble or scratch on paper. What these initial drawings actually are, is the foundation or point of departure of a much more complex and intricate drawing, and where every piece I make, begins.
Impressions are a series of paperworks that I began about 7 years ago. The term Impressions is due to the process of embossing that each piece takes part in. This body of work is the culmination of many layers of drawing and various printmaking processes, including silk screen, embossing, stencil work, and of course hand-painted details. Because the pigments and paints that I use stay autonomous and don’t disintegrate or disappear, I am able to converge process and materials, in a way that they collide and eventually coalesce with line, form and color to form a composition and piece that is totally unique unto itself. These works speak about history, documentation and the transparency of both. I like to think that I put each sheet of paper through a series of push-pull circumstances to manipulate the surface. However, I rely on the predictability of order (printmaking), thrown into a situation of chaos (my choice of pigments) to drive each piece forward into an unexpected place.



It took me by surprise.

Renee DeCarlo

United States


Size: 22 W x 30 H x 0.1 in

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