Letting Go - Contemporary conceptual art

United Kingdom

Size: 11 H x 9 W x 0.2 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal, Pencil and Black & White on Paper.

Everytime I let go of the mooring in my small boat, I feel a sensation of complete freedom. The process of 'letting go' is an anxious one, but ultimately liberating. This feeling inspired the drawing above. The more we can let go of possessions, and thoughts, the more we open our minds to enjoy the life we have. While I draw, I enjoy the process of letting the drawing talk back to me. I encourage myself to do unpreconcieved marks and then reflect upon how they contribute towards the pattern making, meaning and composition. In this drawing, the lines depicting the boat, began to remind me of a coffin, which presented a whole new line of thoughts related to the subject 'letting go'. The boat and the process of dying are both journeys which demand we leave everything behind. The work is done on slightly tinted paper, with charcoal pencils. I enjoy the process of continually being focused on the subject matter and not being concerned with 'picture making'. This allows me to be bold and very free, with the paper and charcoal just being used to explore the subject matter. The result, especially if much rubbing out and corrections are made, produces an image that seems to reflect the genuine process of using the paper as an extension of thoughts. Most of these boat drawings were done on the West Coast of Scotland in the UK.

Keywords: Peace, Reflective, Relaxing, Restful, Boat, Yoga, Philosophical, Mindfulness, Work On Paper, Letting Go, Uk Artist, Scotland Art

Subjects: Boat

Styles: Abstract, Expressionism, Documentary, Fine Art, Figurative

Mediums: Charcoal, Pencil, Black & White

Materials: Paper

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