Mime 1

United States

Size: 90 H x 36 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Charcoal

These drawings were inspired by my observations of classes at the Mimes Studio in Warsaw, Poland during the Summer of 2007. These actors convey intense images of the mind, reflected in their bodies and faces. Though their reactions are deeply personal, they reflect the universals of the human condition. From my own bias, I see them as striving towards similar empathy sought by contemporary figurative painting. A continuing theme in my work has been the exploration of the single figure in isolated, narrative spaces where emotions, and often anxiety, dominates. Drawings and paintings present a fictional reality where I act through the figures I depict. In this series, movement is recreated through the vision of spectator, and through the marks that create the drawing. Mark can mirror the psychology of the figure, and sometimes, serve as a second actor or environment.

Keywords: pantomime, woman, anxiety, gesture, narrative

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