Reef Salt Drawing by Natalia Romanciuc

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Art Description

Drawing: Marker, Pencil, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Paper.

In the idea of approach, all is as simply as possible. You just take it and do your best, simply because otherwise it is not possible. This is a daily, sometimes difficult, but beloved work. I will surround myself with everything necessary, paints, brushes, diluents, oils, palette kneads and other art items and the dance will begin!!! Without interruptions on steady breathing. I'm an experimenter to the bone marrow. It is always a game, a fight between me and the elements of oil paint, a brush and my temperament. The color is what I care about in the first place, my main idea is that a painting is genuine - it is the expression of color, there is life in its every multi-millionth palettes, which, thanks to the skill and tenacity of the artist, is raging and bursting into the wild. The form is also unimportant, a good line gives persuasiveness and completeness to the form. As a result, there is an implied subtext, idea of something which is spiritually perceived. Every spectator will catch his own idea, but at the same time, there will remain the idea laid by the artist. A dialogue of two, the viewer, the canvas and the monologue of one creator. The Holy Trinity.



Reef Salt

Natalia Romanciuc



Size: 11 W x 16 H x 1 in

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