Roller coaster ride

United Kingdom

Size: 11.8 H x 8.3 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Graphite, Ink, Marker, Pencil and Black & White on Paper.

This came out of a nightmare. The perspective here is warped and wrong. The rails are steep and almost at sixty degrees angle. This is to create the impression of a ladder with the roller coaster wagon going up the ladder. A steep ladder... The perspective of the surrounding stones is wrong. They look as they collapse. Like a wallpaper unfolding, sticking out of the wall and collapsing on the ladder. The wagon of the roller coaster train is too small for the hands holding from it. This symbolizes the problems, challenges and troubles of adulthood. Asphyxiating, falling and pressuring on the subject's hands. Killing the innocence of youth. Everything is gray and dark. Hands almost decaying. Viewers should feel the pressure of the weight achieving a challenge with the price of losing part of yourself.
Ink washes and marker pens simply helped me achieve the hues of grayness.

Keywords: Stones, Train, Wood, Holding, Hands, Rails, Wagon, Roller Coaster, Grains, Man

Subjects: Train

Styles: Conceptual, Modern

Mediums: Graphite, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Black & White

Materials: Paper

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