Use Emotion

United States

Size: 11 H x 14 W x 0.2 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Pen and Ink

We have enormous force within our emotions. When tapped and directed, they provide fuel to our work. I like to think of a tea kettle as a metaphor for emotion. The whistle when it is full and hot, Whooo!!

As with any powerful tool, emotion can quickly boil over, out of control. Not helpful at all. But if you back it off, lean into a slow whistle, get the feel for it, you can use it like a steam engine. Let it take you places. Feel your body temperature, speed of thoughts, constriction of throat, as you tap into the energy.

Keywords: Anger, Emotion, Frustration, Intense, Glare, Man

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract Expressionism

Mediums: Pen and Ink


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