Witch Wife Anima

Size: 7200 H x 5700 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink, Ballpoint Pen and Pencil on Paper.

The female spirits of Norse mythology called Valkyries, who are the (Anima) Succubi Spirit Wives of the Shaman God, Odin are very much like the Tantric, Dākinīs, Yoginīs, Lahmo and Russian ‘Rusalka.’

The Valkyries can be seen in a modern context as Trance Dance Shaman Priestesses, frenziedly dancing to the Witch beat of their horse skin drums, riding them into ecstasy.

Their hair, braided serpentine, whipping the air as they ‘Howl’ as ecstatic Wolves, whose naked Art Muse skins are tattooed with strange sigilic designs and armoring Runic spells.

They wear pelts of predatory Cats, bedecked with exotic amulets and feathered Falcon capes, who emanate from many time periods, varying cultures and other worlds, myriad of parallel universe number.

Keywords: Pagan, Shaman, Shamanism, Witch, Witchcraft, Wolf, Valkyrie, Erotic, Succubus, Chaos Magic, Goddess, Occult

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Surrealism, Figurative, Illustration, Pop Art

Mediums: Ink, Ballpoint Pen, Pencil

Materials: Paper

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