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Size: 8.3 H x 11.7 W x 0 in

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Art Description

Drawing: Ink

This piece was created with the use of restriction in mind.
There were 3 types of restrictions used when drawing the line.

1 The line must continue throughout the whole work
2 The line must never cross itself
3 When the line runs next to itself the space in-between must be as compact as possible

This work started from a line in the middle of the paper as a starting point and gradually took shape from there. Since the form it took on was governed by the restrictions I had set, it was not something I could imagine in advance. I could only make decisions bit by bit as the work progressed in this way. Even after completing the work, I decided to switch the drawing round.
In the drawing, the way the line moved and how it branched out was based on letters; they held a reference point for the relationship between line and shape.

The value of a thing is not determined inherently- it is given value through the way it is used. However, to assign a use for a thing is also limiting the function of that thing. In this work, a shape is made through the use of a line governed by restrictions. In this process one can start placing a value on the object, but once the shape has been made, the line also joins up with itself creating an inner emptiness, a contrary aspect integral to the restriction itself.

Keywords: buddhism, Japan, conceptual, drawing, abstract

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract

Mediums: Ink

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