Exponential Growth

United States

Size: 6 H x 16.5 W x 10 in

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Art Description

Installation: Clay, Paper and Digital on Ceramic.

Form, color, architecture, technology and light are explored in an intuitive yet methodical way in my work, which exists as a formal theory of systems. Organic, modular cells are assembled as a study of pattern, perception, and development. The unit becomes exponential through the repetitive processes I engage in. The experience of obsessive repetition and sensory overload is drawn as a parallel to the overwhelming nature of toxic algal structures in my most recent series. As the forms grow and evolve, the line between man-made and artificial becomes uncertain. It is a paradox and experience of balance between beauty and repulsion, growth and decay, mindfulness and excess. A sense of familiarity, place, memory, and cultural values come into question.

Keywords: Sculpture, Blue, Systems, Water, Wall-hanging, Cast Shadows, Architecture, Growth, Assemblage, Installation, Modular

Subjects: Water

Styles: Conceptual, Modular, Abstract, Fine Art, Surrealism

Mediums: Clay, Paper, Digital

Materials: Ceramic

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