Hyper-Fluctuation of Forms Installation by Ea Domke

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Hyper-Fluctuation of Forms - Back
Hyper-Fluctuation of Forms - Sid and Back
Hyper-Fluctuation of Forms - Side and Front

Art Description

Installation: Oil Paint, Spray Paint, Wood on Canvas, Aluminium, Wood, Other.

Hyper-Fluctuations of Forms is a site-specific installation and a painting/ sculpture hybrid work. It consists of; one wood sculptural structure, one 48 x 48 inch self-portrait that is oil on Aluminum, one larger self-portrait on canvas that is 96 x 84 inch self-portrait, and a third smaller 15.5 x 12.5 inch color-field painting that is spray paint and oil on canvas. The overall dimensions of the work is 99” H x 87” W x 44” D.


Hyper-Fluctuation of Forms

Ea Domke

United States


Size: 87 W x 99 H x 44 in

This artwork is not for sale.