'I felt His Hot Breath on My Neck'

United Kingdom

Size: 96 H x 144 W x 144 in

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Art Description

Installation: Interactive, Found Objects, Fabric, Fiber and Kinetic on Sound and Other.

'I felt His Hot Breath on My Neck' Digital Still Image from the 'Manifestations' Installation. A Modern Dada Surrealist Paradigm/Meme.I have made video footage but rules restrict postage on this site. I may publish on Youtube at a later date.

Keywords: Sanctuary, Sensual, Trash Art, Digital, Display, Erotic, Erogenous Zone, Interaractive, Extrovert, Interaction, Introvert, Manipulated

Subjects: Erotic

Styles: Conceptual, Fine Art, Dada, Portraiture, Surrealism

Mediums: Interactive, Found Objects, Fabric, Fiber, Kinetic

Materials: Sound, Other

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