I'm I and I wish I wasn't Installation by M - L - M

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Art Description

Installation: Clay, Plaster, Lights, Metal, Gelatin on Wood, Steel, Glass.

Conceptual installation inspired by Aldous Huxley's dytopian novel Brave New World.

The wooden box sybolises one's world.

The head triptych (which is placed on the top of our world) reminds us of religious and hegemonic figures. In this case the plaster head is the icon of Henry Ford.

One metalic spine is the body of this world creator(s).Society is the body of it's creator.

The neon light that is used is an attempt of picturing a cold laboratory enviroment.

Fetuses hanging in different heights get us to the *( Five Caste System )which Aldous Huxley created.They are armless without the possibility of empocipating theyr lives.

Soma Pill is the solution for all the painfull situations so it is accessible and necessary for everyone.

Mirrors give us the impression of an infinete creation of livings and drugs.



I'm I and I wish I wasn't

M - L - M


Size: 18.1 W x 22.8 H x 18.1 in

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