IKAL “I’m Here With Love” Installation by Carlos Luna James

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IKAL “I’m Here With Love”

Carlos Luna James

United States


Size: 48 W x 60 H x 12 D in

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Artist Recognition

link - Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Showed at the The Other Art Fair

link - Artist featured in a collection

Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Installation: Sculpture, Digital, Engraving, Woodcut, 3D Print on Wood, Plastic, Sound.

Carlos Luna James, aka MGOGLKTKO, is a multimedia artist who uses science fiction and fantasy to explore the nuances of perception of virtual and physical space through art and technology. By merging sculpture, video projection, animation, and sound, his unending storytelling engages all our sensors at once.

Ikal, nicknamed “Spirit”, is a mystical hairy beast, who through rituals and meditation can take you to other dimensions connected with the virtual universe. These fluffy creature is part of the “Cosmic Beasts” and a member of “The New Alliance”, a social movement that helps promote empathy, love, and happiness in the world of humankind. Ikal possesses the power of healing through electrochemical meditation–a technique developed by ancient creatures million light-years away. It is used to connect you with multidimensional realities so that you can explore alternate possibilities and find the true happiness.

Digital & Mixed Media Wall Sculpture.

Media Format: MOV file (H.264), aspect ratio 16: 9, audio: stereo, color; iMac, projector, speaker, media player.
Technique: 3D Animation, VFX, Sound Design, Laser Cut, 3D Print.
Materials: LED TV Screen, MDF Wood & ABS Thermoplastic, Spray Paint.
Dimension: 4.5’ Hight x 4’ Width x 5” Depth.



Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Handpicked to show at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Artist featured in a collection

Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a collection