Infinity Pyramid Installation

Seda Saar

United States

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About The Installation

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Installation, "Infinity Pyramid," by Seda Saar, available for purchase at $10,000 USD. Original Installation: Plastic on Carbon Fibre, Plastic, Other.

Inspired by architecture and light- I hope the viewer is engaged and can enjoy the immersive space created by the geometric volume of the pyramid polyhedron. I am able to create other immersive colors and shapes per your preference, and on a commission basis- I love the translucent qualities of the material allowing light and projections, color and shadow to penetrate and delight our senses. I like the simplicity of the design and how it can engage the person entering the space. My sculptural constructions, explore phenomena in nature by combining materials that produce interactions between chromatic, sculptural, material and environmental elements. Polyhedrons seeks to create a fourth dimension in the reflected image of each object thus creating a complete geometric Polyhedron. By employing pigmented acrylic panels, mirrored panes and other hard-edged geometric forms, I seek to present simple forms for which scale, color and repetition are modulated to varying effect. My emphasis of light in tandem with a form and/or surface's intrinsic qualities such as its translucency, opacity, color or refractibility, engage the viewer's perception and establish a dialogue of an artwork as the product of an artist's subject, materials and method. My development of this work plays with both physical, architectural, environmental and illusionistic space whose optical qualities are completed by the quality of light in their specific environments.