Live Colour Installation by Liz West

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Art Description

Installation: LED, Lights, Wood, Environmental, Fiber on Wood, Other.

For the duration of Clerkenwell Design Week, British artist Liz West teamed up with renowned flooring experts Domus to create a new vivid and eye-popping installation, Live Colour. West is known for creating vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light, having presented works both nationally and internationally, most recently at St Albans Museum + Gallery and Milan Design Week.

West’s multi-sensory art explores how light and colour can stimulate the senses to invoke physical and psychological responses. Working against a minimal backdrop of white porcelain slabs at Domus, Liz imagined a space with changing blue, pink, green, red and orange washes of colour, against a white floor and walls, with ‘pure’ white light as part of the cycle to normalise the overall colour intensity. Thousands of visitors to Live Colour experienced pure colour in an immersive environment like never before with each colour lasting for 22 seconds before quickly changing, giving your eyes just long enough to get used to each hue before snapping to the next.

This work asked: How does colour make you feel? What is your favourite colour? Did you feel as you expected you would when immersed in a pure colour? How does white feel once having experienced other bright colours?

Liz West comments about the new work; “Live Colour plays with people’s individual perception of colour, challenging how they feel when immersed totally in one colour, then quickly drowned in another in deep contrast. Colour is a universal language that is understood by all, although we each bring to the work our individual memories and lived experiences of colour.”

Live Colour by Liz West, is a new work commissioned by Domus for Clerkenwell Design Week. The work was completed and exhibited from 21st – 23rd May 2019. For further details about Live Colour and about the future projects please visit



Live Colour

Liz West

United Kingdom


Size: 196.9 W x 118.1 H x 393.7 in

This artwork is not for sale.