My Tortured Skin Installation by Hui-Fang Kang

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Art Description

Installation: Metal on Steel.

'My Tortured Skin' is a conceptual dialogues with modern ruins, which shows proliferation, stimulation and reproduction of ruinous images. In many abandoned wastelands, broken corrugated iron forms countless void and space with twisted volume and structures. When the energy line penetrates from the outside to the inside, these iron skins play a crucial role in cutting off, bypassing, filtering the energy line into another media, a kind of transforming platform helping energy to hover smoothly between the inner and the outer space.

The series is based on this precondition, and attempts to represent a sense of virtual shelter. Obvious erosive holes and burned textures have been randomly and deliberately created, simulating the real situation of corrugated irons in the reality, and artificially amplifying specific material reactions. I torture and challenge the tolerance of materiality, generating immense growth and variation of forms.




My Tortured Skin

Hui-Fang Kang



Size: 41.3 W x 129.9 H x 1.6 in

This artwork is not for sale.