Solo Pendulum Installation by Villo Turcsany

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 Pendulum installed in 2017. Hall Fríz-Parthenon, MKE Budapest -Foto Villo Turcsany

Art Description

Installation: Kinetic, New Media, Sound, sculpture on Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, Other.

The sculpture is suspended at the highest point of the space, allowing it to make pendulum movements. Their design represents advancement against the physical drag. The pendulums’ paths develop a moving structure and create a rhythm; they are constantly changing and thus return the space of the viewer. The installation makes an attempt to change the personal perception of time.

Project developed in connection of Foucault Pendulum by Léon Foucault, back to year 1850. Every parameter of the installation such as movement allowed, spatial orientation is individually researched and defined at each installation environment individually.

Computer software controls the cycles of the spatial choreography, determining the rhythm and intensity of the sculpture’s movement.
In case of re-installation the artist needs to be on site.


Solo Pendulum

Villo Turcsany



Size: 13 W x 30 H x 12 in

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