The Bird Installation by Burhan Marius

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Art Description

Installation: Metal, Found Objects, Paint, Plastic, Textile on Wood, Steel, Plastic, Other.

The objectual / sculptural works can dominate the general space by constructing scenarios and determining the space with the means of architecture.
A visual action that shapes in a suggestive way the aesthetic category of tragic, integrates in the same format a historic cycle a ready-made civilization destroyed, informally integrates the idea of "beginning" as a past existence as a metamorphosis of the presence of the trace .
The work tells / talks about a place, time, action in the landscape, atmosphere and history. It is the ratio between the outer and the inner state, the maximum area where it acquires a measurable dimension, as a material membrane that separates one part from the other (temporary formation and deformation cycle). Both perfectly equal sides approach the interstitial and symbolic space of the form that calls on memory and being.


The Bird

Burhan Marius



Size: 196.9 W x 118.1 H x 98.4 in

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