Turandot di carta Installation by Madia Nicoletta Cotimbo

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Installation in the foyer of the Gran Teatro of Torre del Lago, 63° Festival Pucciniano.
Detail of the sculptures composing the installation: Emperor Altoum and his guards.
Emperor Altoum (Height cm 50, width cm 15,  depth cm 12)
Turandot (Height cm 50, width cm 15,  depth cm 12)
Design of the installation

Art Description

Installation: Paper, Ink, Black & White, Sound on Paper, Wood, Other.

"Turandot di carta" is a meticulous work of composition that takes inspiration from the beautiful sketches, realized by the costume designer Umberto Brunelleschi in 1924 for that opera. After
three years of work, the project was presented at the 63° Puccini Festival of Torre del Lago, in Italy.
The sculptures are placed in the exhibition space according to a symbolic map, a suggestion for the meaning of this work. The main subjects Puccini wanted to highlight in his “Turandot” were love and at the same time its refusal caused by pride and fear. I found this concept still present nowadays. This conflict constitutes also the inspiration for some photos of contemporary women, depicting a sense of oppression. These pictures mean the present context within which fairy tale characters are placed.
Music is another element of which this installation is composed, that is an original piece of music, written by the performative artist Marco Fagotti, loosely based on “Mo-Li-Hua”, a traditional Chinese theme. Puccini listened it from a small Chinese carillon, that was given to him by the Baron Fassini. Puccini used that music in his score for every entrance of the Princess of ice.
I was inspired by my love for Puccini's opera and Umberto Brunelleschi sketches in 1924 for the opera Turandot. The fragility of the paper, worked with glue, in a way that is not perfectly defined, refers to the sketch, to the immediacy of the preliminary sketch of a work. That's what I would like to get to the viewer of my work: the dynamic procession of the artistic gesture during the creation of this sculpture.



Turandot di carta

Madia Nicoletta Cotimbo



Size: 59.1 W x 19.7 H x 177.2 in

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