Work or Life Installation by Robert Pennekamp

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Work or Life

Robert Pennekamp



Size: 118.1 W x 118.1 H x 118.1 in

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Art Description

Installation: Metal, Found Objects, Wood, Woodcut, Manipulated on Wood, Iron, Cardboard.

This work is inspired by many artists; Jason Rhoades, Thomas Hirschhorn, Aaron Curry, Picasso, Jon Pylypchuk, Basquiat, de Kooning, David Bade and many others. But after all, through all the years, I found my own way. This is more a conceptual thing. Changing, a never ending story. Life or work, or do both. Anyway with love. You can rebuilt this installation, but it will turn out to become totally different every time. Some parts are scrwed and glued together, other parts are just loose, on its own.You can make a sketch how you made it the last time, or a vdeo. But to rebuilt the old one is difficult, it's just like making a car. The joy is to make something, construct and building. Make something else. Something that wil be nice for the eye from all angels, like a sculpture. On the other hand it is also a site specific art work. Temporary. For a a exhibition period.

For me it is also energy. Its not finished. It can go on and on. Making other combination, using other found materials and pieces of wood. I'am also experimenting with pieces of recycled wood, or earlier own wooden sculptures. The aim is not to make a beautiful piece. The aim is to make a special interesting installation.

I hope viewers like to make there own sculpture or installation with these pieces of object trouve and wooden sculptures. You get, all the wooden parts with it, if you will buy it. It's like a puzzle. You can rebuilt your own installation and change it.

I used multiplex wood, I have collected them from everywhere. It is all bound together with screws, nails, glue, and the separate parts with market clams timber terminals. I found it in old houses, at construction places at trash cans. For me it is importent to reuse old materials, give them a second life or meaning. Not to throw everything away and buy all kind of new stuff is not necessary. We life in another era



Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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