2 sold, 3 - 8 avail. - You Only Live Once In American Violence - Limited Edition 3 of 8

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New Media
Size: 40 H x 30 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital and New Media on Paper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Glass and Canvas.

"You Only Live Once In American Violence" (2015)

This work was recently selected for Saatchi Art's Spring 2017 printed catalog. Two editions have sold; 6 remain. (Limited Edition of 8; no prints.) This is a new media work / digital work that can be produced on canvas or other materials, at custom sizes, to suit a collector's preferences and space needs.

Substantively, this work explores the abrupt finality of life and death in modern America as a result of an apparently distinct and unique feature of American culture and society --- the presence of stunningly frequent random violence, reported most often in the media when involving guns and shootings, combined with the increasingly disturbing and intentional violence directed against American minority groups, primarily African-Americans, at the hands of the most iconic authoritarian-yet-paternal figure in American society, pop culture, television, film, and mythology --- the Police Officer.

Once identified in the American narrative as the friendly local "constable" walking a beat, the American Police Officer is now part of a new narrative --- the anonymous, masked domestic soldier --- wielding full-on military body armor and military weaponry in even the most benign of neighborhood and community scenarios, as well as in curfew and riot situations in some American cities after police shootings of unarmed minority citizens in their cars and on the street.

Using overlays of both colors and tones, in combination with the dual use of certain individual letters, the work references the word paintings of Wool, but goes on to embed and imbue additional meanings in those letters to challenge the viewer both visually and intellectually, and to articulate the complete title and meaning of the work.

Despite all of America's cultural and political narratives as to that particularly immediate, unforgiving, and asymmetric weapon that we call the gun --- mythologies which may someday be re-labeled as pathological --- the empirical reality is that, due to guns, a human's existence is horrifically easy to snuff out. Yet because so many of America's dearest self-told stories and myths pay explicit thanks to guns for allowing America's very existence as a culture and Nation --- seen perhaps most notably in our agreed-upon narrative of how best to protect hard-won American freedoms, and in our version of why destiny and divine providence allowed us to take over the Continent from Native Americans and settle the famed American West --- the cultural reality appears to be that gun violence, both by private citizens and the police, will continue in America for some time to come.

* * *

This is a new media / digital conceptual artwork. Most collectors prefer to receive a digital file to produce the work themselves, with a vendor, to their own precise size and materials preferences. This lets collectors fit the work in perfect relation to their unique space and lighting considerations where it will be displayed. For example, some collectors prefer canvas; others prefer aluminum, steel, or glass; still others prefer projection, including for public art, such as on exterior walls. And some collectors prefer smaller works, while others want large productions, 15 feet high and beyond. These possibilities afforded to collectors by the nature of new media conceptual art are unique. They result in truly one-of-a-kind artworks.

I also work with collectors, at a collector's request, to have the work produced at cost and shipped physically to a collector. This is the traditional model. In this case, the artwork can have dimensions up to about 40 x 30 inches; the material will be museum grade white canvas; and it will be ready for hanging (just add wire, or, if you wish, a mat and frame).

Based on past sales, I recommend emailing me --- adam.daley.wilson@gmail.com --- after you start the Saatchi Art purchase process. This saves you time; I can email the file via a cloud service within just 24 to 48 hours if you email. It also lets you quickly address questions you may have. Emailing works well for my collectors; it lets you best use the Saatchi Art purchase timetable. Otherwise, it takes a week for me to receive your postal address, and I must send the file via their ground shipping. So, for many reasons, past collectors found it advantageous to email.

Original Certificates of Authenticity --- via 2-day mail, I send you a hand-signed and hand-dated certificate of authenticity, for provenance.

Additional Guarantee --- I personally guarantee full collector satisfaction in addition to the Saatchi Art guarantee.

"Ships In A Tube" --- for the above reasons, please disregard this language.


About the art and artist --- Adam Daley Wilson is a self-taught emerging artist whose conceptual and postconceptual works are modern art experiments in minimalism. His process includes linguistic conceptualism, readymades (stencil), graffiti, street art, urban art, and photo-collage. His fusion of word painting, typography, text, language, idioms, and sayings transcend letters as images. They are intellectual works of allusions and meanings that document, critique, and comment.

From appropriation to reference, he blends art history, poetry, literature, plays, film, journalism, and media --- resulting in art that refers to postwar masters Ruscha, Weiner, Kruger, Holzer, Baldessari, Nauman, Wool, Johns, Hockney, and Warhol --- and also the Beat poets, Plath, Baldwin, and other literary, poetic, and playwright greats --- the novelists and poets of America. His works also draw at times on science, the environment, climate, diplomacy, pop culture, politics, music, counterculture, sports, and the military.

While best known for his monochrome / monochromatic language works --- black and white --- he imbues and embeds additional meanings in some textual works with colorful letters, and his photography art --- documentary collage --- is always of bright primary colors. The collages layer hundreds of historical photographs, selected using his Ivy League liberal arts education and his Stanford Law degree, to expand his creativity about issues of power, society, norms, humanity, and law, exploring cultural debate and struggle about civil rights, voting --- specifically minority disenfranchisement and gerrymandering --- racism, bigotry, tolerance (intolerance), LGBT and transgender issues, misogyny, sexism, equality (inequality) and protected speech, including dissent, civil disobedience, and the first amendment.

Many of these works juxtapose the American dream --- its fable, story, myth, and mythology --- against the narrative of factual history, and current fact narratives visible in the changing conventions and rules of power seen today. Similarly, many of these works also reveal an exploration of societal and cultural human nature --- society's humanism, or humanity, both good and evil --- that is an increasing focus of his art, from excessivism, consumption, and materialism, on the one hand, to immigration, religion, and bigotry on the other hand, with the emerging related nationalism and populism seen today.

With his subject matter comes a growing appetite for new relevant art influences, including pop, post-pop, abstraction, realism, abstract expressionism, post-graffiti, graffiti-pop, and neo-conceptualism. Wilson, who also shows his works on Instagram @adamdaleywilson, has collectors in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami and elsewhere in the United States.

Keywords: police, rights, black, violence, America, minorities, african american, due process, gun, guns, lives, homicide

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