Abstraction31 - Limited Edition 1 of 5 Artwork by IGOR SHOMOV

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Art Description

New Media: Algorithmic Art, Digital, New Media, Black & White, Robotics on Other.

My name is Igor Shomov. I live in Russia. Sorry for my bad english. I love abstract art. I write pictures following the energy. Each my picture is created to decorate the interior. This picture was created in a digital way. I discovered this new art direction quite recently. I really liked it. I can paint a picture quickly while there is a flow of energy and feelings. Earlier I drew pictures with acrylic and tempera. Each my picture is positive no matter what colors it is written. I love white and black colors. And a combination of white, black, red. Since the picture is written digitally, you can bake it on canvas or paper of almost any size. This picture I wrote was experiencing strong positive emotions during the travel. I hope you like my picture and you will experience pleasure. The picture will decorate the interior of your house. And you can also think about the meaning of life contemplating my picture. I wish you success!



Abstraction31 - Limited Edition 1 of 5



New Media

Size: 0.1 W x 0.1 H x 0.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.