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New Media
Size: 8 H x 5 W x 1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Ink and Digital on Paper.

This was drawn on a trip to Portland, ME. Sitting on a ferry with nothing to do, and thinking about how long it was taking to get somewhere, I drew this in my sketch book.

I look at it now and think of the duality of life, as we are anchored in one place and attempting to rise up above the same old day in day out routines. Time seems to be the thing that always anchors us in "reality."

We often say I don't have the time to do something, or it's too late in life to start... These are all just excuses, for which we use time as an easy out. At 39 I still have the same excuses that I did when I was 24, and they were entirely wrong then. I'm sure I'll look back in 15 more years and say that I was wrong about the "time that I have" now as well.

My work is always hand drawn, then scanned and colored digitally. This allows the vibrancy and organic feel of a pen and ink with the crisp colors and lines that digital work allows.

Keywords: Mid Century, Watch, Building, Clock, Mid-century, Anchor, Fantasy, Midcentury, Architecture, Marine, Modern, Numbers

Subjects: Time

Styles: Surrealism, Fine Art, Illustration, Modern

Mediums: Ink, Digital

Materials: Paper

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