Birth - Limited Edition of 25 Artwork by Nissan Leviathan

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Birth - Limited Edition of 25

Nissan Leviathan


New Media

Size: 47.2 W x 31.5 H x 0.9 D in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital, Dye Transfer, Color, Full spectrum, Manipulated on Aluminium, Paper.

The majority of natural diamonds have ages greater than one billion years and most of them are colorless. There is only one Fancy-Colored diamond for 10,000 colorless, except for the most rare of them all - the scarlet diamond. There is only one such diamond for every million. During the recent decades the synthetic diamond industry has taken a leap forward, but the average cost per carat is still higher than $ 2000, whereas the corresponding average cost for mining a colorless natural diamond is 40 times less expensive.

My main inspiration for creating this artwork was ‘Brisement de Cœur, Hommage à Jacques Monory’, which I finished in the beginning of 2018. This work which is shown here as well, is about a bullet shot which turns a pastoral scene into a violent one. Here, I have contemplated the possibility of producing, or giving birth, to Fancy-Color diamonds by shooting a bullet at a wall of glass...

Monory’s style is characterized in part by his accuracy and fidelity to details, as small as they may be.

In this work, as with my other artworks, I endeavored to be accurate and faithful to every detail. For example, I made sure to break the glass as a real bullet shot would do, as well as to make glass shards of various sizes, as they would be created by a real bullet. In addition, I created a cloud of microscopic glass particles that trails the bullet, just like in reality.

This artwork is my original design, which I conceived, fashioned, modeled, textured, painted and finally photographed on my computer screens, using a selection of specialized 2D and 3D software programs.

This artwork is the product of a still image frame that I have chosen from a 3D animation which I first created.

For this artwork I have chosen to use the chromaluxe dye sublimation aluminum printing technique. It is lightweight and a visually stunning, vibrant and durable fine art print.

The chromaluxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where unique dyes are infused in a heat press directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in outstanding print quality. In addition, these chromaluxe prints are flame, water, scratch and fade resistant.

The artwork is titled, numbered, dated and signed on the back. A duly signed Certificate of Authenticity is included.