Breaking Away

United States

New Media
Size: 12 H x 16 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital on Paper.

This painting was one of those where I got partway through and got “stuck”. I had painted the colorful smoke and then got “painter’s block” (which I guess is kind of like “writer’s block”) as to where to take it from there. A few days later it hit me: I needed to paint in a person formed by the smoke itself, who was breaking away from it. She is born of it, just as we all are oftentimes shaped by our life circumstances. I then painted her and liked the end result.

Keywords: Breaking Away, Melissa Milton, Cloud, Clouds, Floating, Metaphor

Subjects: Fantasy

Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Expressionism, Figurative, Fine Art

Mediums: Digital

Materials: Paper

Prints: Fantasy Art Prints, Abstract Expressionism Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Expressionism Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Digital Art Prints, Paper Art Prints