First Earth Battalion Hippie Witch 1

New Media
Size: 7200 H x 5700 W x 0.1 in

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

“The Thirty-first Succubus archetype of the Fallen Anima, is mantra named, Foras. She is a Mighty President, and appeareth as a vision in the form of a strong Witch having a very muscular shape.

She can give the understanding to a conjuring Surrealist Artist how he/she may know the Virtues of all mind altering herbs and precious Stones of occult power, which be of the crystalline Earth, as described by Socrates.

She teacheth the Arts of Logic and Ethics in all their parts. If desired she can maketh the Artist invisible, to go about the Art gallery world stealthily, and to live long, and to be eloquent.

She can discover arcane Art treasures and recover things lost of ancient knowledge. She ruleth over twenty-nine legions of Succubi Art Muses, and her Surrealist seal, yea to meditate upon before conjuring her into a lucid dream, etc.”

Goetia Surreal – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson (1904)

"Like the other Goetian Succubi formerly appearing in human form, when the thirty-first Succubus of the Goetia, was conjured by the Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo, she appeared dressed as a Vietnam ghost soldier. It was a message of death.

But Foras had even more to say. She stood waist deep in a pool of poisoned blood.

The remote viewer, Donohoo who conjured this Succubus related: “Foras is said to assist life unto any conjurer and yet I understand the image that she projects.”

Donohoo further believes the Succubus is telling us that the future, “is hopeless for all Man-kind, unless we can think outside of the box”

Foras later came to the remote viewer within a vivid lucid dream. However this time Foras was dressed as an, “American soldier of the First Earth Battalion."

The First Earth Battalion was the name proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a U.S. soldier who had served in Vietnam, for his idea of a new military to be organized along New Age occult lines.

The book,'The Men Who Stare at Goats,' by journalist Jon Ronson investigates Channon's ideas. A movie based on Ronson's book—released in Autumn 2009—starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey, retitled the First Earth Battalion as the New Earth Army.

Donohoo also related that he saw Foras once again standing within a deep red pool of poisoned blood and that he has no recollection of speaking with the Succubus, although he received a clear message, which was, “a description of the extinction of the male of the species.”

He also said he was not only told that that the male of the species would become extinct, but when, and how, it would happen, which had nothing to do with a war; it was something else, far more worse:

“I believe that this aforementioned Succubus is indeed Foras, and that she did foretell of the annihilation of the male of the species,” he wrote.

The ancients always described Foras as, “a strong Witch” looking somewhat like an Anima version the incredible Hulk, who understands herbs, and knows the secrets of long life.

Some have whispered she could even make her conjurer live forever.

How ironic that it would be this Succubus who proclaims a death sentence to the males of the species, which will not be brought about by the horrors of war, but because of polluting neurotoxins and mutagenic chemicals poisoning the waters of the Earth and our very blood.

The Psychic Übermensch Aaron C. Donohoo by Erin C. Donohoo (2012)

Keywords: Foras, Soldier, Witch, Witchcraft, USA, American, Vietnam, Earth, Fantasy, Tarot Cards, Pop Surrealist, Occult

Subjects: Erotic

Styles: Surrealism, Figurative, Illustration, Pop Art

Mediums: New Media

Materials: Other

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