First Earth Battalion Hippie Witch 2

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Art Description

New Media: New Media on Other.

The Artwork is the clothed version of First Earth Battalion Hippie Witch 1.

The First Earth Battalion was the name proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a U.S. soldier who had served in Vietnam, for his idea of a new military to be organized along New Age lines.

According to the book: Mind Wars, by Ronald McRae, each member of the First Earth Battalion is sworn to uphold the credo of "high commandos and guerrilla gurus":

"I have the capacity and therefore the duty to contribute to the development of myself, my associates, and our planet, simultaneously, now!"

"I will organize a self-supporting high commando group that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions on behalf of people and planet. One people, one planet."

"I will then pass on this concept to others who are capable of generating further self-organizing commando teams."

"I will await the time when my group can connect naturally with others at higher and higher levels of awareness and performance—the Natural Guard."

One highly emphasized teaching of the First Earth Battalion is known as the New Age Synthesis for a Samurai:

1: Seek your own spiritual path of God.

2: Actively improve your physical condition.

3: Master mental self control for combat.

4: Understand others.

5: Reinforce team interdependence.

6: Actively serve people and planet.

7: Indulge in happiness and humour.

In the operations field manual Evolutionary Tactics, it states that members of the First Earth Battalion will practice non-denominational techniques for spiritual bonding. One spiritual practice of the First Earth Battalion is called the Earth Prayer:

"Mother Earth… my life support system… as a soldier… I must drink your blue water… live inside your red clay and eat your green skin. I pray… my boots will always kiss your face and my footsteps match your heartbeat.

Carry my body through space and time… you are my connection to the Universe… and all that comes after. I am yours and you are mine. I salute you."

The book by the Journalist Jon Ronson, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats,' (ISBN 0-330-37548-2) relates that Channon spent time in the seventies with many of the people in California credited with starting the human potential movement, and subsequently wrote an operations manual for a First Earth Battalion.

This manual was a 125-page mixture of drawings, graphs, maps, polemical essays and point-by-point redesigns of every aspect of military life.

In LTC Channon's First Earth Battalion, the new battlefield uniform would include pouches for ginseng regulators, divining tools, food stuffs to enhance night vision, and a loud speaker that would automatically emit "indigenous music and words of peace."

Warrior monks will carry the best equipment modern technology can produce into the battlefield: lightweight laser stun guns, hallucinogen mortars, acupuncture kits, dowsing rods for locating hidden tunnels and mines, etc.

Rather than using bullets and munitions, Channon envisaged how this new force would attempt to first win the hearts and minds of the enemy by: "using positive vibrations, carrying 'symbolic animals' of peace—such as baby lambs—into hostile countries, greeting them with 'sparkly eyes,' and then gently place the lambs on the ground and give the enemy an automatic hug."

If these measures were not enough to pacify the enemy, members would employ the use of unconventional non-lethal weaponry.

The non-lethal means would be that of subversive PsyOps campaigns to subdue the enemy, such as subversively engineering a 2012 New Age event in order to fragment and to distract protesting anti-war Hippies, along with hijacking the Feminist movement of a prior anti-Vietnam war movement, which had brought down a government.

Lethal force was to be a last resort. intuitive psychological warfare would be consulted first and foremost by battalion members.

A movie based on Ronson's book—released in Autumn 2009—starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey, retitled the First Earth Battalion as the New Earth Army.

Keywords: Foras, Soldier, Witch, Witchcraft, America, USA, Pop Surrealism, Hippie, Erotic, Tarot Cards, Vietnam War, Occult

Subjects: Fantasy

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Mediums: New Media

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