GREY GRID COLORFIELD #2 - Limited Edition of 10 Artwork by timothy sens

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Art Description

New Media: Digital, Color, Manipulated, New Media on Glass, Paper.

This body of work is produced from my photographic image originals and chosen for their color and minimal pattern and texture. I begin with digitally manipulating the image to produce a color field that is minimal in nature and sparse in detail. Very little of the original image is recognizable in the end result.

My intent is to create an abstract that sparks an experience of stillness and no mind, inviting a visitation to ones inner state upon viewing the artwork. In this state, what is available while presenting an artform of pure color and minimal pattern, is now it can incite the senses to experience the sound tones in the colors, as well.

All visible colors have a musical tone equivalent. This tonal equivalent then, might be heard or felt in the colors of an artwork. It is noted that emotional feeling experienced from a piece of music is common. Sometimes a listener will speak of this “felt emotion” as a color. There is a music genre called “the Blues”, for instance. The emotional response can connect a tone within a pure color.

Synesthesia is a talent experienced by some individuals. An observer may listen to music and see an array of color corresponding to the music being heard. This may well be a latent ability inherent in everyone.

The intention of my “Color Field Harmonics” collection is, foremost, for the art to instigate an atmosphere of stillness. In this state of presence, the observer may then have an emotional response that promotes for the viewer, a perception of hearing and feeling musical tones inherent to the color field abstraction. This is not a thought process. Rather, it requires feeling the art from the heart and surrendering to a subtle and sublime moment while connecting with the art. The result is a richer experience, using both the senses of seeing and hearing upon being with this artwork.

This work is a vibrant photographic print that is bonded to polished acrylic that is 6mm. in thickness. The reflective and translucent nature of this clear medium gives a stunning depth and radiance to the art presentation. The artwork is finished with a dibond backing and the hanging hardware is a cleat system. No further framing is needed. This is an ultra contemporary work of art. Each image is limited to an edition of ten only, an artist proof, and is signed and numbered. Allow two weeks for delivery.
Included in this purchase will be a book, 'COLORFIELD HARMONICS ABSTRACTS', a collection of thirty images in color, from this series.



GREY GRID COLORFIELD #2 - Limited Edition of 10

timothy sens

United States

New Media

Size: 30 W x 30 H x 0.4 in

Ships in a Box

Shipping included

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