Kiss-me-quick Chick Artwork by Rebecca Atherton

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Kiss-me-quick Chick

Rebecca Atherton

United Kingdom

New Media

Size: 1.4 W x 1.2 H x 1 D in

Ships in a Crate

Shipping included

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Art Description

New Media: Fabric, Glass, Textile on Glass, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Other.

Lovey Dovies are the perfect way to show someone how much you care – be it your long-term partner, your current beau, a close friend, parent or relative, or simply (but by no means least importantly) your wonderful and unquestionably deserving good-self.

They also make excellent christening, baptism, engagement and wedding presents. So why not commission a winged messenger and give someone you have feelings for, (romantic, platonic or otherwise) a truly timeless and unique gift?

Bite-sized and bejewelled, Lovey Dovies are made with the highest quality yarn, sequins and beads and are a fitting addition to any beloved inhabitance. Perch them on a plant, tie them to a branch, settle them on soft grass in a miniature garden, suspend them in a bell jar, hang them from a door handle or a window frame, etc... and watch them sparkle as they catch the light.

As with everything I make, Lovey Dovies are created in a meditative state - with a host of emotions, all of which are positive; and a plethora of intentions, all of which are good. Owning one will (in turn) invite these into your life.

Give someone who’s lost theirs a cause to smile. Lift another who’s down out of the dumps. Help them all to feel warm and fuzzy and oh-so-completely-and-utterly appreciated inside. After all, isn’t that what you, in the same predicament, would ideally like? Whether it’s a cheer up, a kiss and make up, a cuddle up or a big thumbs up, Lovey Dovies can and will accommodate them all.

If you would like to buy or commission one of my Lovey Dovies, please see my website for details ( Alternatively, you can send me an email: