New Media
Size: 118.1 H x 59.1 W x 2.8 in

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Art Description

New Media: Spray Paint, Watercolor, Ballpoint Pen, Polaroid and Fractal on Cardboard, Paper and Wood.

"This Irishman went for a job on a building site and the foreman warned him that he'd have to answer some difficult questions.

"'That's OK,' said the Irishman.

"'You're absolutely sure?' asked the foreman.

"'Absolutely,' said the Irishman.

"'Right,' said the foreman. 'What's the difference between a joist and a girder. Think carefully.'

"'Well,' said the Irishman, 'Didn't Joyce write Ulysses and Goethe write Faust?'"

Keywords: Photos, Leon, Blocks, Wood, Ferrari, Old

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Art Deco, Conceptual, Dada, Folk, Documentary

Mediums: Spray Paint, Watercolor, Ballpoint Pen, Polaroid, Fractal

Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Wood

Prints: Animal Art Prints, Art Deco Art Prints, Conceptual Art Prints, Dada Art Prints, Folk Art Prints, Documentary Art Prints, Spray Paint Art Prints, Watercolor Art Prints, Ballpoint Pen Art Prints, Polaroid Art Prints, Fractal Art Prints, Cardboard Art Prints, Paper Art Prints, Wood Art Prints

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