"Nataly- Behind the mask" - Limited Edition of 100 Artwork by Nikolay Krastev

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Art Description

New Media: Ink, Digital, Pencil on Other.

I would like to present to you, Nataly. She was going to be a project for a friend of mine who needed an original character concept with a backstory for a contest. She was going to build a costume around my sketches and story... But it got scrapped.
I decided to give new life to this idea cause It was my first try to write a story about an anti-hero.

Here's the beginning of the story:

Eternal companion

What is like to be the only child of one of the most influential and corrupted people in town? Many wish for it and think that those children eat their breakfast every day with golden spoon.. well so was Nataly. Let me tell you a story, as I hide in the shadows among humans, I can see and feel with them every joy, every burden, every end. It was never meant for me to spend my lifetime like that, but when the time came nobody asked me for my permission. Oh and by lifetime I meant eternity. (I am Death) Let's go back. Her name was Nataly. As I said she was the only child of one of the most influential and corrupted people in town. Her parents were the regional judges of the town and it happens that they had many enemies. One of them was the brother of a man, wrongly convicted of killing 37 children in a kindergarten by setting the building on fire. I was there and it was a rough day for me, busy to collect every poor soul of those 37 children who never woke up after the afternoon nap. Well, every person has a different point of view what to call justice and that man was really innocent as the crime was just a mistake...

The rest of the story you can read in the materials added to the Limited edition pieces :)



"Nataly- Behind the mask" - Limited Edition of 100

Nikolay Krastev


New Media

Size: 13.8 W x 20.8 H x 0 in

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