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New Media: Gonzo Journalism, Immersion Art, HDR Video Screen Capture, Social Media, Method Acting on Canvas.

No Focus, 2014

Immersion Art and Gonzo Journalism,
from Chase Alias' series,
"Evil Daddies of Fairfield County", 2009 - Present

Sent from my mobile. 
I offered u so much
U have no clue "Who I M"
U are not Unique yet
Just a scared animal afraid if his shadow
I just wanted to help 
Still do
Charles Will never help u
He is a selfish user
It's what my work exposes
But you haven't even taken the time to realize that I am a notable figure in Immersion Journalism
Notable figures. 
David S Pollack

Actually read it
And understand that the series "Who I M" by Chase Alias an Immersionist Character of Artist David Pollack began as a series called "What we Found on Craigslist..." The video interview is a crucial to the relevance and understanding of my Immersion as Chase. 

In a sense Charles is What I Found on Craigslist. 
U really should read the series
Watch the video
Read my writing 
Don't even think you can outsmart him
In actuality I am the only person he has ever been afraid of
U see true intelligence and wisdom is deceptive 
And can be easily pocketed until needed
Something a true sociopath can not deal with easily.

Charles always assume. He has the advantage
In every way!
He is the player.
U are the Game

Matching wits and intelligence has never been an issue until he met me

U see my end game was never apparent to him and that frightens someone who spends there entire life in a lie
I guess thats what you two have in common.
Living a lie..
My only goal was exposure
After all
I'm a photographer 
An Artist
An Immersionist
A Journalist
And while he stated he wanted a sober companion to help him stop drinking and drugging
He lied 
The reality is he want the bad boy fuck-up
So when he gets sicker and sicker there is A live in scapegoat
well have fun being the new pet.

Oh and by the way. I took a survey. And almost everyone agrees. It doesn't matter what u call yourself. Gay or Straight. If you choose to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex at any point u can categorize yourself as Gay.

But who needs the Stigma, Right!

If u tell someone of the same sex u are "straight" but u can only have sex with them when u are high.
Not only are u Gay.
You have serious issues. 
Change feels great
I feel free
Wish the real bear would join me
Maybe one day u will 
Hope u survive 

No Focus, 2014 on flickr:

Immersion Art and Gonzo Journalism Gone Wild. David S Pollack aka Chase Alias, Cubby and Holden Vance III create unique journalistic viewpoints on the evil men who constantly "Chase" after him. These men only wanting to use young men for sex and drugs. Since Connecticut passed their Same Sex law many of these very affluent men have found themselves in quite a quandary......

MARCH 23, 2014
Im Over It!

What is Human Sexuality?

Can a person who insists they are “Straight” be telling the truth if they will do anything when it comes to getting high? Even ask those around them to do things they are not comfortable with. And when they refuse, throw them away like trash.



No Focus

DS Pollack

United States

New Media

Size: 60 W x 61 H x 0 in

Ships in a Crate

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